Fastmarkets’ daily steel hot-rolled coil index, fob mill US was calculated in a range of $38.80-$39.08 per hundredweight ($776-781.60 per short ton) for the three-day holiday week from Monday November 23 through Wednesday November 25. The weekly average was $38.96 per cwt, up by 6.2% from an average of $36.69 per cwt the previous week.

The index was based on the following inputs:
  • Offer at $41 per cwt
  • Deal at $38 for medium tons
  • Assessment at $38
  • Deal heard at $39.50
  • Assessment at $40
  • Assessment at $39
  • Assessment at $38.75
  • Offer at $41
  • Assessment at $37.25
  • Deal at $37 for small tons
  • Assessment at $39
  • Assessment at $40
  • Assessment at $41
  • Offer at $40
Fastmarkets specifies volumes under one of the following four categories:
Small: 50-499 tons
Medium: 500-1,999 tons
Large: 2,000-9,999 tons
Extra-large: 10,000 tons or more

Any data submitted under a Data Submitter Agreement will not be published. Fastmarkets uses its expert judgment to exclude outlying or unrepresentative numbers, and discounts or discards prices that it believes might otherwise be questionable and/or unreliable. Discarded inputs are not included in this trade log, but when inputs are discarded it is noted in the daily market report.

To provide feedback on this trade log or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter, please contact Grace Asenov at Please add the subject heading: FAO: Grace Asenov, re: US HRC Index.

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