We will continue to publish our global base metal wraps on a weekly basis, providing the informative context and market detail that customers are accustomed to receiving in a concise format.

The decision to stop manually collating pricing data and creating, editing and distributing a PDF relates to the rollout of the Dashboard, from which customers may request to receive automated daily and weekly newsletters in PDF form via email.

All premiums associated with the weekly tables will be available to customers on the Dashboard on detailed market pages designed to replicate the table. They will also be fully viewable on the Fastmarkets MB, Fastmarkets AMM and Fastmarkets MyDesk websites. Additionally, the rationale for each premium will be available on the Dashboard - before and apart from the automated newsletters - and Fastmarkets' websites.

Automating these tables will afford our reporters and editors additional time to engage with the market and deliver to you even more vital intelligence faster.
Fastmarkets believes that the best way to view this data is now via the Dashboard and encourages users to view the product and to set up customizable workspaces and newsletter subscriptions.

You may log in to the Dashboard at dashboard.fastmarkets.com. If you don't already have access to the Dashboard, or have questions about your existing service, please contact customersuccess@fastmarkets.com with the subject line “Base metal premiums tables,” and a representative will be in touch regarding your query.

To provide feedback on this notice, please contact Archie Hunter by email at: pricing@fastmarkets.com. Please add the subject heading "FAO: Archie Hunter, re: base metal premiums tables." To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents go to https://www.fastmarkets.com/about-us/methodology.