PPI Awards: Category descriptions

1. International CEO of the year  / Corporate Strategy of the Year sponsored by StepChange Consulting

This award will be presented to an outstanding individual who has set himself or herself apart in the world of pulp and paper. The winner will be the CEO that has delivered strong financial performance against an outstanding corporate strategy, driven by dynamic leadership.

What are the judges looking for? 

Overview of why this CEO is nominated along with notable achievements. Evidence supported by documentation, quotes or comments of the following:

  • The company’s financial performance and profitable growth over a three years or more
  • A clearly defined long-term strategy and the ability to implement the strategy
  • Sound leadership from boardroom to production floors
  • Any successful mergers, acquisitions and/or alliances
  • Any innovative and bold steps above and beyond usual behaviours demonstrating vision and leadership
  • Leadership of any transformational change programmes
  • Initiatives to advance the wider paper industry

2. Risk and Safety award  

The recent years the pulp and paper industry have witnessed calamitous events, both financial and natural. The pandemic, recessions, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters have had a resounding impact on the industry as a whole. Asset protection and preservation is an increasingly vital component of a resilient and robust risk management strategy and the industry has made major improvements in its property loss prevention record in recent years, and this award will recognise a company that has been truly innovative in its approach to loss prevention and demonstrated an ability to manage its property risk effectively. 

What are the judges looking for? 

An overview of the role the risk management policy/strategy plays in the business’s overall strategy, with specific evidence and information to substantiate the following:

  • A robust and well-defined property risk management policy/strategy
  • How the strategy is implemented and managed Statistics to show a solid safety record over a three-year period
  • Examples how a property loss prevention management has helped to improve business efficiency 
  • How the risk strategy is communicated across the business,
  • Practical examples of how the company has managed to minimize or eliminate property risk and safety issues successfully
  • Key team members driving loss prevention measures or safety issues. 

3. Sustainability Leadership award 

Environmental preservation is at the heart of sustainability, but in a world of fast-changing attitudes towards our planet’s resources, sustainability is increasingly a vital driver of business competitiveness. Less than half of pulp and paper companies have at least one environmental commitment recognized by the CDP, RE100, or SBTi. Sustainable leaders are the people who proactively act to change business behaviours, implement initiatives and champion the sustainability message to employees, clients and consumers.

What are the judges looking for? 

A well-defined sustainability strategy, with defined goals and the pathway to achieve them. To include clear evidence, including before and after scenarios, of strategies and initiatives that have positively impacted operational efficiency from a sustainability perspective, including:

  • Any investments made in the last three years in the area of energy efficiencies, resource management, recycling etc
  • Case studies detailing results from the implementation of sustainability projects and strategies at local, national or international level
  • Examples of new processes, procedures or machinery and how they have impacted the business’s sustainability goals, to include challenges and how these were overcome
  • Provide details of the project team and how they collaborated with various stakeholders across the business to achieve ‘buy-in’ and achieve project goals
  • Supply figures that illustrate improvements made as a result of sustainability projects

4. Digital Innovation Award 

Big Data, Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0, call it what you want, digital innovation will be the gamechanger for pulp and paper at a time of huge disruption and shifts in demand. In the US alone pulp and paper businesses alone are predicted to spend US$3.6 billion on digital technologies in 2030 in the battle to reduce unplanned mill downtime, maintain critical supply chains and increase efficiency and productivity in every corner of the industry. This award will recognise compelling examples of the use of new technologies, including intelligent systems and connected devices during the production process, data and analysis across the board, as well as automation and other technologies.

What are the judges looking for? 

Please give an overview of a robust long-term tech and data strategy, and outline the advanced digital technologies implemented and how they have positively impacted the business. Responses should include documentation or information to evidence this, and address:

  • Advances your company has made through intelligent systems, automation and data capture and management over the last three years
  • How advanced technologies have improved the efficiency and reliability of production (including evidence of financial uplifts)
  • How technological innovation has improved the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain from sales through to production and/or maintenance 
  • Examples of innovative data applications in the supply chain, production or elsewhere that have made a quantifiable impact on pulp and paper production 
  • Any other innovations or R&D you are working on, and further results you have achieved 

5. PPI Industry Woman of the Year Award  sponsored by StepChange Consulting

Women increasingly play a vital role in the pulp and paper industry. From the mills to the consumers and across the supply chain, the industry benefits from the leadership and vision of our female champions. With the PPI Awards 2020 following two days after International Women’s Day, this award recognises the women who have had a positive and noted impact on their industry, their company and their workplace. 

What the judges are looking for? 

The judges want to hear about women of all levels of seniority and from all types of organisations within the pulp and paper industry who have made a demonstrable difference to teams and organisations. Submissions should describe:

  • Their role, and what makes them stand out – include testimonials from colleagues and their manager, and aim to paint a vivid picture of the person and personality being recognised.
  • Details of any achievements or initiatives they have instigated or driven that have made a demonstrable difference. This could be efficiency improvements, changes to workflows and processes, impacting workplace culture or demonstrating leadership in the role they inhabit.

6. Product Innovation Award

In an era of unprecedented disruption product innovation will be a defining differentiator and driver for success. Paper and pulp businesses must creatively harness the latest technology, connectivity and big data, and dig into their expertise and experience to develop commercially viable products that genuinely break new ground. The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate the development of a stand-out product that significantly improves or resolves a generic or specific challenge, while saving costs and driving efficiencies.

What the judges are looking for? 

A description of the product and the challenge or issue that it was designed to address. Submissions should include:

  • Demonstrable proof of how a newly developed product has solved an existing need or problem 
  • End-to-end case study of implementation and collaboration within the project 
  • Evidence fiscal efficiencies (ie cost savings) resulting from the product
  • Evidence of Improved customer outcome/experience

7. Green Energy & Biofuels award

Paper production remains an energy-intensive industry, but internal by-products like spent pulping liquor, lime mud, pulp mill solid and liquid effluents and cellulosic and resin-based residuals can be recycled or further processed to generate cleaner, low-carbon energy. This award will recognise outstanding examples of mills and paper plants who have replaced fossil fuels with biofuels in their production processes, as well as championing new and emerging technologies to increase the uptake and efficiency of biofuel use and reduce overall energy consumption.

What the judges are looking for? 

The judge will look for a clear outline of the organisation’s energy use, including a consistent green energy strategy/policy. Submissions should include evidence of:

  • A defined green energy policy and implementation pathway How changes implemented in mills and paper plants have positive impacted energy use
  • Numerical evidence of increased use of green energy/biofuel, and reduction in overall energy consumption
  • Case studies of specific projects rolled out in the past three years

8. Mill Manager of the Year

Mill operators are facing a perfect storm of decreased demand in certain categories, soaring energy prices and supply chain disruptions, plus increasing requirements to meet sustainability criteria. This award will recognise the mill managers driving innovation and delivering high quality products on time and on budget while juggling these competing demands.

What the judges are looking for? 

Judges are looking for an outstanding example of a highly effective and profitable, yet safe mill operation, with a strong team leadership that is delivering against targets. Your submission should include evidence of:

  • Implementation of technically innovative solutions
  • Outstanding resource efficiency, including energy and water; optimum recycling of assets/resources, best-in-class waste reduction etc. Include before and after scenarios if relevant.
  • Efficiency and profitability
  • Team leadership and management
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