Green Steel Summit

The International Iron Ore 2024 Conference will feature the inaugural Green Steel Summit.  

The focus on green steel is crucial for steelmakers’ future strategies as it becomes critically important being at the forefront of the move towards a more sustainable industry, representing a pivotal shift in the steel manufacturing sector towards environmental responsibility and carbon neutrality.

In 2022, the World Economic Forum, with over 50 corporations, committed to buying green steel and low carbon products by 2030. Fastmarkets is at the forefront, introducing a suite of green steel prices in the European market. The initiative aims to define, measure, and communicate green standards to support industry decarbonization.

Purple, Cutlery, Spoon

During the first edition of the Green Steel Summit you will have the opportunity to hear the latest on regulations, trends, technology, strategies, prices, supply and demand and a lot more directly from industry leaders, pioneers and Fastmarkets experts.

Some of the topics the agenda will cover include:

Outlook for new green steel capacities

Shifting production from BF-BOF to EAF-DRI

Structural changes and new price premiums for flat steel markets

Evolution of green steel trading and the role of end-users

CBAM’s impact on steelmaking in Europe and beyond

Sustainable Steelmaking Supply Chains

Green energy and green hydrogen supply

And a lot more!

Your ticket to International Iron Ore 2024 Conference includes access to Green Steel Summit, giving you more value than ever in your conference pass. There are limited one day passes available to certain parts of the green steel supply chain, learn more about your ticketing options by clicking on the button below.