How to overcome volatility in the construction industry

Do you have the tools to overcome supply chain disruptions? Find out below

The outlook for the construction industry includes changes in housing demand, strained global supply chains and spiralling costs as a result of inflation. As a construction industry professional, making the right moves at every step of the procurement process helps reduce risk and maximize profits. This guide will help you understand some of the questions surrounding raw materials sourcing, and whether you have the best strategy to overcome volatility.
Are you confident in the resilience of your supply chain?

As a procurement professional, you’ll understand the need for market-reflective and reliable price data and insights, but there can still be blind spots. Use our checklist to better understand what you could be missing. Examine key questions including:

  • Do you have tools to monitor price changes in real-time?
  • Do you have visibility over supply and demand forecasts for the metals and forest products markets?
  • Do you have a solution for managing rising costs and volatile prices?
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Mexico’s recent increase in steel import tariffs to 25-35% won’t cause shortages in the supply chain, with the market expected to be fed by imports from partner countries and growing local capacity, Mexican steel association Canacero told Fastmarkets on Wednesday May 15

Collecting a premium for green flat-rolled steel in the US will be a long, bottom-up process for an industry already regarded as one of the world’s cleanest, market sources recently told Fastmarkets

Steel producers in the United States remain optimistic about construction demand despite its lackluster short-term outlook, according to market participants

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