Amendment to steel hot-dipped galvanized all-in assessment

Fastmarkets has adjusted its weekly all-in assessment price for steel hot-dipped galvanized coil following an amendment to the included zinc coating extras effective Thursday October 6.

Fastmarkets held a 60-day consultation, which began on August 1 and was extended through September 30, to clarify the thickness of the steel hot-dipped galvanized coil for the zinc coating extras. As a result, the weekly all-in price now reflects zinc coating extras for coil that is 0.04-inch thick.

The zinc coating extras were adjusted to $8 per hundredweight ($160 per short ton) on Thursday October 13, based on mills’ coating extras effective October 6. That means $8 per cwt has been added to the base price (MB-STE-0186) on October 13 to calculate the all-in price (MB-STE-0212).

The new specifications for the affected price are as follows, with the addition highlighted in bold and italics:

MB-STE-0212 Steel hot-dipped galvanized coil G90 (cold-rolled base), fob mill US, $ per cwt
Quality: ASTM A653 Commercial Steel and corresponding grades. 0.03-0.13 inch thick x 48-72 inches wide
Quantity: Min 50 tons
Location: fob US mill, excluding Pacific states (Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska and Hawaii) as defined by the US Census Bureau.
Unit: USD per hundredweight
Publication: Weekly, Thursday
Notes: Raw materials surcharges included; G90 coating for 0.04-inch coil included. Standard packaging

Fastmarkets’ assessment for steel hot-dipped galvanized coil (cold-rolled base), fob mill US was $53 per cwt on Thursday October 13. With the new zinc extras, the assessment for steel hot-dipped galvanized coil 0.03-0.13 inch G90 (cold-rolled base), fob mill US was calculated at $61 per cwt.

To provide feedback on this assessment, or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this assessment, please contact Alesha Alkaff by email at: Please add the subject heading FAO: Alesha Alkaff, re: US hot-dipped galvanized.

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