Discontinuation of Fastmarkets’ converted price assessments

Fastmarkets has discontinued the following converted price assessments:

  • MB-STE-0468 Steel hot-rolled coil index, fob mill US, $/short ton
  • MB-STE-0469 Steel cold-rolled coil, fob mill US, $/short ton
  • MB-STE-0470 Steel hot-dipped galvanized (base) steel coil, fob mill US, $/short ton
  • MB-AL-0233 Aluminum alloy A380.1, delivered Midwest, $/lb
  • MB-CU-0310 Copper grade 1 cathode premium, ddp Midwest US, $/tonne
  • MB-FEC-0012 Ferro-chrome high carbon 6-8% C, basis 60-65% Cr, max 2% Si, in-whs Pittsburgh, $/lb
  • MB-FEC-0014 Ferro-chrome low carbon 0.10%C, 62% Cr min, in-whs Pittsburgh, $/lb
  • MB-FEC-0013 Ferro-chrome low carbon 0.05%C, 65% Cr min, in-whs Pittsburgh, $/lb
  • MB-FEC-0015 Ferro-chrome low carbon 0.15%C, 60% Cr min, in-whs Pittsburgh, $/lb
  • MB-FEM-0004 Ferro-manganese medium carbon 80% Mn, max 1.50% C, in-whs Pittsburgh, $/lb
  • MB-SIM-0005 Silico-manganese 65% Mn min, min 16% Si, in-whs Pittsburgh, $/lb

After a consultation period, Fastmarkets has discontinued these prices which had previously been converted from other published markets (see table below for alternative market to use going forward). These markets can now be converted using the conversion service on the Fastmarkets Dashboard.

If you have any comments on the discontinuation of these prices, please contact Barbara O’Donovan by email at pricing@fastmarkets.com. Please add the subject heading ‘FAO: Barbara O’Donovan, re: converted price assessments.’

To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to https://www.fastmarkets.com/about-us/methodology.

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