PRICING NOTICE: Amending the frequency of cif Rotterdam copper premium

After a month-long consultation, Fastmarkets is amending the frequency of its copper cathode premium cif Rotterdam pricing to fortnightly from weekly.

Market participants were universal in their agreement that the market’s spot activity requires fortnightly pricing, in line with Fastmarkets’ assessments for refined copper shipped to Italy and delivered to plants in Germany.

The change means that Fastmarkets’ MB-CU-0369 copper grade-A cathode premium, cif Rotterdam, $ per tonne will be priced on Tuesday March 2 and next Tuesday March 9, in line with our other European assessments, and then fortnightly from thereon.

Following the consultation, the price details will be as follows:
Quality: Grade A cathode 99.9935% min copper conforming to LME specifications BS EN 1978:1998 – CuCATH-1
Quantity: Min 25 tonnes
Location: cif delivery in Rotterdam, duty unpaid premium on top of LME cash prices
Timing: Within 4 weeks
Unit: USD/tonne
Payment terms: Cash, other payment terms normalized
Publication: Once every two weeks. Tuesday 3-4pm London time

To provide feedback on this price, or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to the Rotterdam copper premium, please contact Archie Hunter / Ana de Liz by email at: Please add the subject heading ‘FAO: Archie Hunter / Ana de Liz, re: Rotterdam copper premiums.’

To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to