Supply-demand dynamics and key trends in the lithium market with Corinne Blanchard, Deutsche Bank

Hear from Corinne Blanchard, an equity research analyst at Deutsche Bank, as she shares her views on supply-demand dynamics and the top three topics being discussed in the lithium industry at the moment

In this video interview with Corinne Blanchard, an equity research analyst at Deutsche Bank, we asked her about the suppy-demand dynamics in the lithium market, as well as the key trends that market participants should be aware of.

Watch the full video interview with Corinne or read the key takeaways below.

Supply-demand dynamics in the lithium market

On supply and demand, we see a very tight market condition right now where we see a very strong, fast-paced environment for demand. This is driven by electric vehicle (EV) demand in China, while on the other side you have supply that is growing.

The supply-side is also facing challenges and not growing at the same pace versus demand, which definitely has created some imbalance in the market that will continue over the year.

Three key topics driving the lithium industry

  1. Pricing: Spot versus contract pricing
  2. Localization of supply: Supply in North and South America, as well as the development of lithium in Africa or in China
  3. Geopolitics in the lithium market: The potential risk for nationalization of some of the assets in South America as well as the increase in environmental, social and governance (ESG) scrutiny and the potential impact on royalty rates

Understand more about the risks and opportunities to the market

Corinne was one of many experts to take the stage at the recent Fastmarkets Lithium Supply & Battery Raw Materials conference held in Phoenix in June, 2022.

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