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Market-reflective copper price data spanning the copper supply chain, from copper concentrates and copper wire to copper scrap

Why use Fastmarkets' copper prices?
Find your competitive edge with Fastmarkets’ market-reflective copper price data and market analysis. In an ever-changing market, our data empowers copper buyers and sellers like you to trade with confidence, even in the face of unpredictable conditions.

Leverage our comprehensive copper price data and analysis, including short-term forecasts. Dive deep into market trends, anticipate future movements, track historical data, and compare prices across related markets. Our copper price charts are your compass in navigating the copper landscape.

Join the ranks of hundreds of global companies that rely on our trusted price data to enhance their trading strategies. We provide a reliable view of the factors shaping market conditions and price fluctuations, helping you make informed decisions that drive success. With our extensive range of copper price charts, you too can harness the benefits and chart the prices spanning the global copper supply chain.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the copper market, we continually evaluate and refine our price assessment and index process. This commitment ensures our data remains as reflective of the market as possible, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Backed by over 150 years of specialized commodity expertise, Fastmarkets combines the intelligence of industry-leading brands such as Metal Bulletin, American Metal Market, Scrap Price Bulletin, and Industrial Minerals. Discover how our copper prices can revolutionize your trading strategy today. Learn more and unlock your potential.

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Copper price charts
Stay up to date with the hundreds of price charts and benchmark prices for the global copper market. View our featured copper price charts below:
Global copper price movements
US copper scrap price remains steady
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Fastmarkets’ mission is to meet the market’s data requirements honestly and independently, acting with integrity and care to ensure that the trust and confidence placed in the reliability of our pricing methodologies is maintained.

Why use a price reporting agency?
Global metals and mining markets are going through a generational shift. The pull of decarbonization continues to shift raw materials strategies and supply and demand dynamics in favor of more sustainable materials.

The lingering effects of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have created unprecedented price volatility, placing immense pressure on contract negotiations. Business as usual is anything but ordinary and the metal markets have become almost impossible to read.

By using a price reporting agency (PRA), you can:
  • Ensure that you have the prices you can use that reflect supply and demand conditions
  • Provide a reference for transactions in exchange-based contracts and trades
  • Give confidence to contract counterparties that the prices used are impartial
  • Improve efficiency when renegotiating contracts
  • Deliver instant and accessible data through an automated platform
  • Ensure trusted, critical short- and mid-term forecasts in a new generation of energy markets
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View Fastmarkets copper prices
We provide copper price charts and analysis for the following prices. Click on the price to view the copper price chart.

Copper EQ cathode premium, cif Southeast Asia, $/tonne

No1 copper material, RCu-2A,1B (candy/berry), cif China, LME/Comex discount, US cents per lb

Copper concentrates TC implied smelters purchase, cif Asia Pacific, $/tonne

Copper concentrates TC implied traders purchase, cif Asia Pacific, $/tonne

Copper concentrates RC implied smelters purchase, cif Asia Pacific, cents/lb

Copper concentrates RC implied traders purchase, cif Asia Pacific, cents/lb

Copper concentrates counterparty spread, $/tonne

Copper Concentrates Co-VIU, $/tonne

Market-reflective prices, forecasts and insights for the global copper markets: Discover how the Fastmarkets platform can help you make better high-stake decisions for your business

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