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Iron ore is one of the most important steelmaking ingredients used by steelmakers across the globe. Iron ore is the most abundant source of iron for large-scale steel production and is fast growing in importance as the industry strives to lower CO2 emissions. With demand for green steel production growing, steelmakers are seeking smarter ways to incorporate low-carbon steelmaking raw materials into their strategies, including higher-grade ores like our 65% iron ore price, 66% iron ore index and 67.5% iron ore pellet feed indices.

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Chinese domestic authorities are in discussions to implement tighter targets on crude steel production across the country, in a bid to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, Fastmarkets understands

A “special action plan for carbon reduction” unveiled by China’s National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC) will reduce the need for coking coal and iron ore by focusing on upgrading existing equipment and the switch to electric-arc furnaces, sources told Fastmarkets this week

The iron ore market is expected to diverge into two segments in line with the steelmaking industry’s march toward reducing carbon emissions, Fastmarkets learned at the 2024 Singapore Iron Ore Forum (SIOF) on Tuesday May 7

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Iron ore spot 67.5% Fe magnetite-hematite pellet feed price differential, cfr Qingdao, $/tonne

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Iron ore 67.5% Fe pellet feed premium, cfr Qingdao, $/tonne

Iron ore 67.5% Fe pellet feed, cfr Qingdao, $/tonne

Iron ore DR-grade pellet premium indicator, $/tonne

Pig iron, import, cfr China, $/tonne

Iron ore pellet premium over 65% Fe fines, cfr China, $/tonne

Iron ore 62% Fe low-alumina fines, cfr Qingdao, $/tonne

Pig iron foundry grade, Brazil, fob New Orleans, $/tonne

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