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The stability of the tube and pipe market is affected by changes in market conditions. From the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic to the disruption of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, there are constantly forces at play, causing tube and pipe prices to fluctuate.

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Fastmarkets is inviting feedback on a proposal to change the publishing date for its US energy and non-energy tubular prices from the second Tuesday of the month and the final Tuesday of the month, respectively, to the second Wednesday of the month.

Prices for standard pipe and mechanical tube in the United States continued to fall in November, but market participants are hoping that a recent uptick in hot-rolled coil prices will signal an end to the downturn

Several tube mills, including Nucor Tubular and Atlas Tube, alerted customers to a $100-per-ton reduction in the price of hollow structural sections (HSS) on Thursday June 2, sources told Fastmarkets

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