Battery Cost Index

Providing greater transparency into the cost of key Li-ion cell components

Volatile battery raw material prices, varying battery chemistries and differing manufacturing costs result in cell prices that appear opaque and subjective. This makes it difficult for market participants to budget effectively, anticipate price changes, bring transparency to transactions and effectively track cost changes over time.

The Fastmarkets Battery Cost Index is an easy-to-use cost model for total cell costs, including cost breakdown of active anode material (AAM), cathode active material (CAM), separator, electrolyte, other materials, energy, labor and operational costs across multiple chemistries and geographies. The Fastmarkets Battery Cost Index provides historical costs, changes over time and cell cost forecasts.

Key features of the Battery Cost Index

  • Material and production costs for NMC (111, 532, 622, 811) and LFP
  • Geographical cell cost summaries for China, South Korea, Germany and the United States
  • Cell cost forecasts out to 2033
  • Market-leading Fastmarkets price data to provide real-time CAM costs
  • Written commentary on key drivers impacting cost and cost changes
  • Historic monthly cell costs

Our battery cost index breaks down the cost, historical and forecast,
for different cell types and chemistries

We buy cathode material; this is a valuable tool to help us to understand how suppliers cost the cathodes, this can help us to have more informed negotiations.
EV battery procurement, OEM
Read the latest battery raw materials insights

Actionable insights and market intel on the battery materials market and how the cost of raw materials is impacting the cost of electric vehicles

Manganese, chrome, tungsten and vanadium will be key topics of discussion at Fastmarkets’ upcoming Asia Ferroalloys Conference 2024 in Hong Kong on February 26-28, after appearing on China’s latest list of critical minerals

Lepidolite producers in China have been a major wildcard in the lithium industry of late, with production surging despite its higher cost, energy-intensive nature.

Financial incentives for companies developing silicon-based anodes in Europe are helping to support the sector, but the focus on innovation, not scale, risks them falling behind North America, experts told Fastmarkets.

Graphite companies Nouveau Monde Graphite, Novonix and Westwater have all announced offtake agreements in a developing US anode supply chain to comply with that country’s generous subsidy scheme under the Inflation Reduction Act and to ease the current dependence on China for material, Fastmarkets heard on Thursday February 15

Traders have built up their presence in the lithium market in recent years; they see an opportunity in lower prices – after record highs set in 2022 – while the lithium industry aims to take advantage of an expected growth in demand spurred by the global energy transition

A group of major automotive manufacturers including Tesla and General Motors sent a joint letter with mining companies and electric vehicle (EV) battery companies on Monday February 5 urging the Biden administration to allow a 10% tax credit to apply to both mineral extraction and mineral processing in the US

India’s burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) battery-making industry could mean the country becomes a significant importer and a reduced exporter of black mass in the coming years, Rajat Verma, founder and chief executive officer of Indian battery recycler Lohum, told Fastmarkets in an interview

Phoebe O’Hara, battery raw material analyst at Fastmarkets, shares her analysis on electric vehicle (EV) demand in 2023 and some insights for 2024 and beyond

Mining company Ares Strategic Mining (ARES) announced on Thursday February 1 that fabrication of its fluorspar acidspar manufacturing facility in the US state of Utah has begun

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