Exploring the future of global low-carbon aluminium pricing

Watch the recording and catch up on the evolving dynamics of the low-carbon aluminium market

First shown on November 30, 2023, this webinar gives a forward-looking analysis of the aluminium market. We delved into the intricate dynamics affecting the low-carbon aluminium market including real-world perspectives from producers and end-users.

Download the recording to benefit from:

  • Insights into supply and demand dynamics for 2024 and understanding Russia’s pivotal role in the green transition, empowering you to make informed decisions in the evolving market.
  • Exploring the growing US appetite for low-carbon aluminium, uncovering opportunities to tap into this emerging trend and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Staying updated on global trends in Europe, Asia and the US, equipping yourself with a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and potential growth areas.
  • Analyzing the potential effects of policy changes on the industry, which enables you to anticipate and adapt to regulatory shifts for better business planning.
  • Accessing valuable research and outlook on industry developments, empowering you with actionable intelligence to drive strategic decision-making and stay competitive.

Our expert panel:
Imogen Dudman, senior price reporter
Carrie Bone, senior price reporter
Yasemin Esmen, price reporter
Andy Farida, research analyst
Kirstine Veitch, principal consultant

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