US SBQ market webinar: Drivers of volatility

Watch the webinar replay to learn more about the SBQ market

The US steel special bar quality (SBQ) price assessment can sometimes be confusing and difficult for the market to understand.

The variables captured in the SBQ assessment are a blend of mill scrap pricing methodologies, shifts in alloy pricing, changes in base prices, and other factors. This assessment is successfully used by companies across the supply chain as an adjustment to contract pricing for suppliers to original equipment manufacturers.

In this webinar, our steel industry experts will help you understand the intelligence behind our SBQ price assessment, including:
  • Why the scrap component can range from two-month averages including No1 busheling scrap prices to a single geographic market for busheling
  • How shifts in the alloy surcharges and changes in the base prices from levels set in contracts are calculated
  • Why companies that choose other measures to make monthly adjustments in contracts are less able to reflect the prices they pay for parts and materials in their charges to customers.
Join in the discussion and hear how many companies that do not tie their monthly or quarterly adjustments in contract pricing to Fastmarkets SBQ assessments are losing out.

Access this replay for a deep dive into the SBQ price assessment—and learn why both down and upstream markets consider this assessment to be a more reliable way to pass along shifts in SBQ pricing.

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