The paper packaging giant’s announcement comes amidst reports of more projects being delayed or canceled

The price increases have been driven by buying activity from China-affiliated firms and India, sources said

Asia is now shaping up to join the growing decarbonization movement in the steel industry with the launch of its first green steel premium

The subsidization of the CFP industry for Chinese producers could be a concern for EU markets, according to the European Commission

Weak Chinese packaging demand and a sharp depreciation of the Chinese renminbi resulted in slumping exports of packaging material

With the ferrous scrap industry converging on the Thai capital of Bangkok for the Material Recycling Association of India’s (MRAI) first Southeast Asian business summit on August 21-22, eager eyes are being cast toward the future growth potential of the region’s ferrous scrap markets

Pulp suppliers are cautiously optimistic but weak demand and a volatile futures market continue to bring challenges

Chinese producers instigated price hikes in a bid to stop price declines amid poor packaging demand

Dramatic changes are expected in the Japanese steel industry in the run-up to 2030, with exports of ferrous scrap expected to fall and local use of the material to soar amid the transition away from traditional blast furnace (BF) technology toward greater electric-arc furnace (EAF) capacity

A combination of low generation and depleted stocks drove prices up for US OCC imports