Ukraine’s weekly oilseed exports up 36%

According to government data, Ukraine's weekly volumes of oilseeds and processed products declared for export increase for second week in a row to 426,016 tonnes

Ukraine’s weekly volumes of oilseeds and processed products declared for export increased for the second week in a row by 36% to 426,016 tonnes in the week ending September 20, government data showed Thursday, September 21.

Weekly soybean exports jumped four-fold from the previous week to 67,803 tonnes, with around 1 million tonnes of the country’s new harvest already in the bins.

Almost 37% of the week’s export of soybeans – 24,964 tonnes – was declared for transit deliveries through Egypt, while 15,786 tonnes was intended for supplies to Romania, 9,846 tonnes to Turkey, and 6,512 tonnes to Israel.

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Rapeseed exports increased by 42% from the previous week to 181,979 tonnes, with 90,453 tonnes declared for transit through Romania and 37,009 tonnes bound for Germany.

The total export volume of rapeseed since the beginning of the 2023-24 season in July has reached 1.3 million tonnes.

The volumes of sunflower oil declared for export in the reporting week were largely stable amounting to 67,862 tonnes, which is 4% higher than last week.

During the reporting week, Poland and Turkey were the main importers of Ukrainian oil, with 14,077 tonnes and 12,594 tonnes respectively, replacing Romania as the leading destination for future transit which was assigned 12,065 tonnes.

The total sunflower oil export figure for the current marketing year since September now stands at 159,500 tonnes, including 136,800 tonnes of crude oil and 22,700 tonnes of refined.

Sunflower meal exports from Ukraine in the reporting week again rose by 11% to 88,206 tonnes, according to the customs data, bringing the marketing year’s total to 181,300 tonnes.

Export volumes were mostly divided between Poland with 21,230 tonnes, Romania with 12,751 tonnes, and China with 19,419 tonnes.

The data was provided by the Ukrainian customs authorities and shows the goods that have been declared for export, but the figures do not always correspond to the volumes that physically left the country during the period.

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