The Ukrainian Grain Association estimated the 2024/25 crop of oilseeds and grains in Ukraine at 74.6 million tonnes, down by 2% from the initial forecast of 76.1 million tonnes in March.

Argentina’s corn and sunflower crop forecasts have been downgraded due to recent weather challenges, according to the latest BAGE report

According to official data, oilseeds exports pick up pace against slower product shipments

Frost and drought affect the country’s grains and oilseeds production

According to government data, Ukraine’s weekly volumes of oilseeds and processed products declared for export increase for second week in a row to 426,016 tonnes

The Commission confirms that the restrictive measures imposed by five countries on Ukrainian exports can be lifted

The country manages to increase its shipment volumes despite the many logistical disruptions

Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria expect to see higher oilseed yields

The country’s Grain Association calls on the European Commission to partially cover transportation costs in a bid to increase export revenue

Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia try to impose preventative measures to address concerns of local farmers