Slower deliveries of wheat and corn feed factor into recent projections of cattle and pork production

Renewed restrictions on the Panama Canal curb shipping expectations

A decrease in corn prices and uncertainties over the next soybean crop contribute to lower production estimates

Frost and drought affect the country’s grains and oilseeds production

Shipping authorities assess the damages of last Saturday’s fire, as soybean and corn shipments may be affected

According to customs data, the country’s soybean shipments reached 2.3 million tonnes in the first two weeks of October

According to data from the country’s agriculture secretariat, sales decrease by 24.3%

The Commission confirms that the restrictive measures imposed by five countries on Ukrainian exports can be lifted

Official customs data show that Chinese imports are increasing year on year

Update from the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC) shows soybean net long enhanced to reach a four-week high