Black Sea sunflower oil prices have declined by 5% over the past 10 days after reaching season-high levels, trade sources told Fastmarkets on Thursday June 27

The European Commission released its latest set of data on the imports of soybean, soybean meal, rapeseed, sunflower oil and palm oil into the EU

Total EU soybean import for the year to date reaches 7.2 million tonnes, with Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Portugal being the main importers

There has been a recent uptick in sunflower oil offers from Russian sellers, with many trades of Russian-origin sunflower oil taking place last week

According to official data, oilseeds exports pick up pace against slower product shipments

The country manages to increase its shipment volumes despite the many logistical disruptions

Markets react to media reports about EPA’s decision to reduce rapeseed and soybean oil volumes in the biodiesel mix

Sunflower seeds shipments increase by 78%

Recent ban on Ukrainian imports by a few European states curbs sales

From April 1, 2023, the country’s import duty on sunflower oil will increase from zero to 5.5%