The pace of demand for paper packaging in the US slowed in 2023 due to end-user destocking and prices for unbleached paper dropped by $40-50 compared to 2022

The new paper machine will bring 200,000 tonnes of unbleached kraft paper into the industry per year

Uncover the top drivers of the European sack kraft paper industry and access the webinar replay for the full analysis

We have observed the need for a heavyweight unbleached kraft paper bag price from market players because of the 50-lb grade’s volume and because we already price lightweight 30-lb grocery bag paper. The 50-lb grade would be for the grocery segment and the related carryout bag segment that includes QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) in North America.

There are still challenges that lie ahead for the European sack kraft market

Inventory destocking for bleached and unbleached paper results in flat prices and drop in demand