The benchmarks set out by the European Union’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) are “not realistic” without a financial support mechanism, according to the director of a planned facility to reintroduce magnesium production to Europe

The international gallium market remains under pressure from the export control China introduced on the metal in August 2023, despite higher exports from China in December, Fastmarkets heard in the week to Monday February 5

With China’s stringent implementation of its gallium export controls persisting through to the end of 2023 at least, 2024 looks set to become a make-or-break year for gallium market participants outside China

This recommendation, along with others like promoting domestic battery recycling and research funding for alternative battery chemistries, is part of a larger strategy to enhance US resilience in strategic areas

China’s granting of the first export licenses under its new controls on gallium and germanium, hafnium’s paused price increase and indium metal market fundamentals are likely to be topics of discussion throughout LME Week, which runs October 9-13

China’s impending export ban on gallium and germanium will be detrimental to the cost-effective manufacturing of advanced semiconductor chips in the United States in the near term

Restrictions on critical minerals by China cast uncertainty over industry