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If you trade in aluminium products, it is vital to understand the factors that impact market conditions and price fluctuations. This understanding is the foundation for developing winning strategies that drive continued success.

Our global team of experts specializes in the aluminium market, providing expert analysis and short- to mid-term forecasts that help you anticipate future trends for successful contract negotiations.

Fastmarkets’ aluminium price forecasts and analysis offer valuable insights, breaking down complex market conditions and helping you understand the forces impacting price volatility. With our market-reflective price data, you can confidently support your business decisions, strategically position prices and develop winning business strategies.

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  • Easy-to-understand price data to react swiftly to market changes
  • Expert analysis of supply and demand fundamentals, assisting you in making efficient purchasing decisions and managing inventories
  • Market reflective aluminium price forecasts to lead negotiations, inform your strategy and guide business decisions
  • Unbiased and independent market research to plan your spot purchases or contracts in different regions.

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A surge in recycling capacity in the US aluminium industry is coming in the next few years while for now it continues to meet most of its primary aluminium needs from Canada.

US President Joe Biden will increase tariffs on Chinese imports including steel and aluminium, electric vehicles, semiconductors and advanced batteries, to counteract China’s “unfair” trading practices, he announced on Tuesday May 14

The new tariffs on aluminium imports imposed by Mexico are affecting the light metal’s supply chain, trade flows and premiums, sources told Fastmarkets during the week to Friday May 3.

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We recognize the importance of being clear about our aluminium price assessment and index process. Our independently audited pricing process aligns with core IOSCO principles. Find out how we assess and forecast our prices for the global aluminium market.

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