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To help you navigate the complex copper concentrate market, we aim to bring you reliable and timely intelligence and analysis that includes both copper concentrate treatment charges and refining charges (TC/RCs) as well as the implied smelter and trading buying levels. Our subscribers get price data based on weekly and monthly price assessments that reflect the tradeable value in the open and competitive market. Learn more about what you get with Fastmarkets copper concentrate price data and news in the full product brochure below. If you’d like to talk to us about our copper price data, news and market analysis, get in touch today.
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Copper concentrate treatment and refining charges have repeatedly fallen to record-low levels over the first five months of 2024

Trading in the spot copper concentrate market in Asia was sluggish in the week to Friday May 31, with smelters not actively looking for spot units, sources said

Record-high prices for refined copper metal and a shortage of copper concentrates have caught the attention of investors. Bringing new, large-scale supply to the market is not simple or quick, but brownfield expansions and scrap supply may offer a quicker response

Sources from across the copper concentrate industry told Fastmarkets that some miners are becoming more cautious of their counterparty risk – the risk that the other party in a transaction may not fulfill its part of the deal – with copper concentrate terms being agreed as far out as 2028.

Recent weeks have seen a significant number of miners agreeing sales of copper concentrate to traders for one to four years of supply, Fastmarkets has learned

The copper market is facing a historical moment with Chinese smelters now paying premiums for raw material copper concentrate while selling their finished product at a discount, but participants point to easing concentrate demand in the second quarter as supportive for the market

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