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Flexibility & functionality

Reach success, even during volatile times, by building your view of the markets that matter most through our convenient and fully customizable Dashboard. Gather insights and understand what’s happening, without having to filter through those unrelated to your business. Our dashboard includes everything you need from prices and news, to alerts and exporting, plus it’s easy to use. 

Available through desktop application or web browser.

Dashboard features


Create up to 16 workspaces, customizing your view of the markets, prices and news you care about most. Build your own or chose from any of our pre-built marketplace templates to create your own experience.


There are many parts that make a price important. In the Dashboard you can:  

  - View monthly averages
  - View actual assessment 
  - Convert currency of price
  - Convert unit of the price
  - Create comparisons/charts
  - Save comparisons/chart
  - View as high, low or midpoint  


Set alerts to know when a price changes, is published or when it falls below or above a certain percentage. You can also track competitors, market trends and opportunities with keyword alerts.   


Search by commodity, product and location to quickly and easily find prices you need. Add them to your saved prices or build them right into your workspace.


Access our current and archive of news and price reports. Our reporters are embedded in the markets to deliver you detailed, real-time views of what’s happening, who’s saying what, and why prices are moving.





Being able to work with price information is important, and that is why we made the Dashboard Excel friendly. Easily export your data into Excel to create your own tables and charts or add to your data models.

Very easy and intuitive to work the different widgets and get them just the way you want

Jim Noble at HMM USA