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Track, chart, compare and export 950+ global metal and mining prices with Fastmarkets’ price data.

We provide you with the price data and insights to understand the forces driving market volatility, interpret economic developments and recognize factors impacting the supply chain.

Our prices are market-reflective, assessing both the buy and sell-side of transactions. Inform your strategy with price data that is unbiased, IOSCO compliant, benchmarked and used across the metals industries worldwide.

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Stay connected and understand movement around your metals and mining markets with news and market coverage from our wide network of trained price reporters and analysts.

We’ve got you covered across steel and steel raw materials, scrap and secondary, ores and alloys, base metals, minor metals, industrial minerals markets, including the energy transition and how it drives change, so you’ll always be ahead of your markets.

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Metals and mining forecasts
Our independent research and expert analysis provide transparency into the movement around metals and mining markets globally, giving you the tools to minimize the risk of the future today and plan ahead with confidence.

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  • Metal Bulletin directories: We no longer publish metals directories. Customers looking for company listings should consider the Fastmarkets MB Company Database which includes comprehensive listings of miners and refiners in metals markets. Talk to sales.
  • Forecasting tracker services: We’re migrating the delivery of our tracker analysis and forecasting services onto the Fastmarkets platform. Please contact customer services for details of our market coverage.