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Key Features

Weekly physical premiums prices

Broad and accurate pricing reports on copper cathodes, nickel cathodes and briquettes and aluminium, lead, tin and zinc ingot premiums alongside a commentary, providing a valuable insight into global supply and demand. View a sample report

Monthly aluminium billet reports

Covering delivered prices for 6063 extrusion billets in Europe, Turkey, Asia, North America and South America. It provides useful insights into the global supply and demand, as well as forward quarterly quotations. View a sample report

Quarterly aluminium foundry alloy premiums reports

This quarterly report covers duty unpaid premiums for aluminium wheel alloy silicon 7, covering locations in Europe, Turkey and North America and including details of long-term contacts. View a sample report

Fortnightly copper TC/RCs reports

Assessment of copper treatment and refining charges for standard grade concentrate with a unique breakdown of smelter and trader transactions, reflecting the new dynamic of the blended market. Also providing updates on tenders and long-term contracts. View a sample report

Monthly zinc and lead TCs reports

Covering spot and annual treatment charges for both zinc and lead concentrates, this report offers readers an insight into an opaque market that is heavily dependent on China and can evolve quickly, due to mine closures and grade variations. View sample report

Additional physical market news

Our dedicated physicals team provides breaking news and commentary on the sector. We also produce assessments on foundry alloy premiums, aluminium purity charges, LME queues and the MJP quarterly benchmark for aluminium.

Historical physical market data

All of the historical physical price data from our reports is accessible on our system, allowing you to chart how prices have changed over the years.  This data can also be used with the suite of pricing tools and instruments that come with FastMarkets Professional.

Weekly gold physical premiums

This weekly report covers physical premiums in locations in Asia and Europe with an accompanying commentary, offering unique insight into the widely unreported Asian markets. View a sample report.

Warehousing industry news

FastMarkets physicals reports include warehouse stocks and queue times to offer added insight into market factors. 

Shanghai bonded stock reports

A monthly survey of the metal stocks in the warehouses of the Shanghai tax-free zones, often a key area for arbitrage opportunities between LME and SHFE.