Understanding packaging prices

Our paper and packaging index builder helps buyers understand their packaging costs

Know if you are paying a reasonable price – compare your packaging prices against industry-standard benchmarks

Track and compare your paper and packaging prices against objective benchmarks to understand if your price falls within the industry average with our index builder tool.

Why trust Fastmarkets for paper and packaging prices?

Fastmarkets price indices have a long and respected history in the industry. They are collected and reported using a transparent methodology refined over many years. Understanding how the process works gives our customers the confidence to use our prices in a number of applications. In fact, many of our clients use our price indices as escalators and de-escalators in their contracts.

View the packaging prices we cover

Sheets of brown corrugated cardboard used for filling in fragile parcels.
News, forecasts, mill intelligence and price reporting for 3,500+ grades to keep you ahead of the competition
With index builder, you can:
  • Understand your key packaging cost drivers and how they evolve
  • Create custom indices for your specific packaging types
  • Drill down to the regions or mills from which you source or sell
  • Choose from a library of standard end-use models to use or modify
Quickly compare your price to custom price and cost indices
1. Your price evolution vs. published price index information

Index Builder will show you how the box price should have evolved relative to changes market prices. The price index is based on the market price of materials. It also includes estimates for converting, overhead, profits and other.

Index builder image set

2. Your price evolution vs. cost index information

Index builder will show you how your box price should have evolved relative to changes in the cost to produce it. The cost index is based on the cost to produce the materials. This includes cost drivers such as fiber, energy, labor, and chemicals.

Index builder image set

3. Compare price indices to cost indices

Finally, Index Builder will compare your cost index and your price index to show how prices are evolving compared to costs.

Index builder image set

Use our library of pre-loaded models or build your own

Leverage RISI’s library of pre-loaded models configured by expert consultants. Use the model as-is or modify it to your own conditions.



Find out if your packaging prices are keeping up with changes in the market
RISI’s calculation methodology is fixed and transparent. Index Builder generates retroactive Price Indices and Cost Indices based on RISI’s proprietary price assessments and cost benchmarking database.
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