Challenges and opportunities await metals markets in a world in flux: 2022 preview

The metals and mining industry prepares to play a critical role in building a more sustainable future

The world is facing historic difficulties – from the worst consequences of Covid-19 and undeniable evidence of worsening climate change to logistical chaos and a late surge in prices for commodities, especially those that are energy intensive. In 2021, there was growing conviction among companies, markets, even governments, that new approaches are required to combat these issues.

For instance, businesses – and many of the countries in which they operate – began to address the need to cut emissions to avoid climate catastrophe.

There is now a tangible commitment around the globe, such as we saw at COP26 in Glasgow, to accelerate action against climate change.

Metals markets will play an essential role in the global economy in 2022 amid the pursuit of decarbonization and sustainability. For instance:

  • The move to electric vehicles and the need for improved energy storage mean sourcing materials for battery anodes has never been more important.
  • And the steel industry’s need to minimize the emission of pollutants will increase reliance on ferrous scrap – and higher-quality scrap at that.

Really, the growing imperative of sustainability will affect all aspects of the metals supply chain. But without smoothly functioning markets, this energy transition drive is destined to stall.

This is where Fastmarkets’ reporters and analysts can help – by immersing themselves in your markets to identify price moves and trends, and to provide you with the actionable intelligence you need to make business decisions in 2022 and beyond.

In this series of articles, Fastmarkets’ experts tell you what is in store for this year across ferrous and non-ferrous markets.

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