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Copper’s essential role in the energy transition is creating a volatile and dynamic market. A series of production problems has hit mine output around the world, leaving smelters scrambling for copper concentrates. The strong demand for copper concentrates has pushed the treatment charges and refining charges (TC/RCs) down to record lows. Meanwhile, the price for refined copper has hit all-time highs on the LME. Yet, as we switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, copper demand is expected to soar.

Fastmarkets copper price data

To help you navigate this complex market, we aim to bring you reliable and timely intelligence and analysis on copper, including both copper concentrates TC/RCs plus the implied smelter and trading buying levels. As these copper prices have broken through record levels, they’ve come under scrutiny from the industry. The divergence between between the spot TC price and the traditional, negotiated benchmark is disrupting the industry.

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How does it work?

Fastmarkets focuses on understanding the market dynamics through a process known as price discovery. Fastmarkets price reporters determine the current market evaluation of individual prices within the copper market by talking to those who buy, sell and trade copper. 

Our subscribers get price data based on weekly and monthly price assessments that reflect the tradeable value in the open and competitive market. Our price data helps subscribers tackle:

  • Market transparency
  • Price volatility
  • Opacity in the supply chain
  • Changes in global production rates

Fastmarkets price data is trusted globally by thousands of companies. With over 130 years of experience in benchmarking commodities, our team of more than 200 expert price reporters and analysts ensure the most market-reflective commodity prices that are auditable and adhere to IOSCO-compliant methodologies. 

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Beyond price reporting, our team of experts also provide you with analysis and actionable insights on trading strategies and market and regulatory structures so you can make confident judgements about the industry. Learn more about the global team below.

Read the latest news on the copper concentrate market

A new incentive program for companies with large investments in Argentina might unlock the country’s mining potential in the medium term, market participants recently told Fastmarkets

Hefty copper concentrate costs amid a sustained supply deficit are expected to cause most global copper smelters to run below costs from 2025 onwards, sources told Fastmarkets at the sidelines of LME Asia Week 2024 in Hong Kong on Thursday June 27

Tightness in raw material supply has driven Fastmarkets’ copper and zinc treatment charges (TCs) to all-time lows, while lead concentrate TCs have hit intra-year lows. Fastmarkets looks at the common themes driving the downward movements

China’s exports of refined copper rose to an eight-year high in May, with exports expected to stay elevated through June, sources told Fastmarkets in the week to Friday June 21

Copper concentrate treatment and refining charges have repeatedly fallen to record-low levels over the first five months of 2024

Trading in the spot copper concentrate market in Asia was sluggish in the week to Friday May 31, with smelters not actively looking for spot units, sources said

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Robust presence in the Chinese market as well as key growth markets. 

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