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Nickel scrap metal is a valuable resource that plays a significant role in the global economy, particularly within the manufacturing and recycling industries. Recent global events have had a noticeable impact on the price and demand for nickel scrap. Factors such as geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, and shifts in the automotive and electronics industries can influence nickel prices. 

It has never been a more challenging or important time to use the most competitive sources out there to keep up with nickel pricing shifts. By keeping a close eye on the market and having access to comprehensive and transparent price data, you can effectively analyze the key factors influencing nickel scrap price movements.

Our platform provides you with a wide range of nickel scrap price charts, forecasts and historical data, allowing you to make well-informed purchasing decisions and efficiently manage your inventories. Stay one step ahead with our reliable and market-reflective price data to optimize your operations and maximize your business potential.

With Fastmarkets’ nickel scrap prices, you can:

  • Easily react to changes and developments that could affect your trading strategy
  • Save time on purchasing decisions and plan how much material to commit to in contracts
  • Predict market movements and recognize factors impacting supply-demand.

Fastmarkets’ nickel scrap price data combines the intelligence of industry-leading brands such as Metal Bulletin, American Metal Market, Scrap Price Bulletin and Industrial Minerals.

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Nickel scrap price charts
We have hundreds of nickel scrap prices that can help you understand the state of the nickel scrap market. View current nickel scrap price charts below:

What’s happening in the nickel market?

A host of Chinese battery manufacturers have been increasing their production of electrolytic nickel to reap gains from strong futures prices because the growth in downstream demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is slowing, Fastmarkets heard on Tuesday May 21

A wave of restocking throughout the first quarter of 2024 provided some relief in the ternary battery raw materials market in China, stopping the declines in prices for various products that had been seen late last year

Fastmarkets’ initial low-carbon premium for nickel briquettes captured existing regional price differences, with growing awareness and legislative incentives indicating there is potential for a strong market to emerge

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    • Nickel low-carbon briquette premium, cif global, $/tonne
    • Nickel sulfate premium, in-whs Rotterdam, $/tonne
    • Nickel sulfate, in-whs Rotterdam, $/tonne
    Why use a price reporting agency?

    As the global metal scrap market experiences a generational shift, it makes it even harder for market participants to see what is ahead and forecast nickel scrap price movements. Supply and demand dynamics are being impacted by the need for more sustainable materials for a low-carbon future.

    The lingering effects of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have created unprecedented price volatility. This has placed huge pressure on contract negotiations. Business as usual is anything but ordinary and the metal markets have become almost impossible to read.

    By using a price reporting agency (PRA), you can:

    • Ensure that you have the prices you can use that reflect supply and demand conditions
    • Provide a reference for transactions in exchange-based contracts and trades
    • Give confidence to contract counterparties that the prices used are impartial
    • Improve efficiency when renegotiating contracts
    • Deliver instant and accessible data through an automated platform
    • Ensure trusted, critical short- and mid-term forecasts in a new generation of energy markets

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