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As part of the Fastmarkets platform, our dashboard provides you with customizable workspaces that are designed to help you find the latest price assessments, historical prices, exchange data, charts and news in one place. This gives you the ability to focus on the market information and prices most relevant to you.

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As well as the user guides linked below, we also have video how-to guides for the dashboard features.  

Customizing your workspaces

Workspaces are blank canvases on which you will add tools to track the prices and markets that are vital to your business. Learn how to create, edit, save and pin your favorite workspaces or use the market page templates already available to you. 

Market pages

Our market pages are pre-built to include the key prices and information that our expert editorial team have identified giving you an overview of the market at your fingertips. Covering commodity areas and key product or industry areas, these market pages are available in line with your subscription.

Learn how to browse, save and further edit these pre-built displays.

Searching and saving prices, stocks and inventories

Learn how to find the content you need faster using our search tool. Quickly find prices by keyword, commodity, location and source, then select the appropriate widget and workspace to display chosen content.

Comparing prices

Learn how to track the latest market data and monitor market changes, price relationships and volatility across a range of minerals with our multi price table widget.


Fastmarkets publishes weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly averages based on the underlying actual assessments, learn how to display averages in dashboard widgets to enhance your workspaces.


Save time searching, filtering or repeating news searches on key topics or markets with our news list widget. Understand the markets that matter to you by creating a customized news feed, multiple saved searches to display alongside prices and charts.


Data or images may be printed, exported and copied for use in spreadsheets, reports and presentations (as aligned with the terms and conditions of your Fastmarkets data license agreement). Learn how to export prices and images from dashboard widgets.


To stay abreast of changes in prices and news, learn how to create alerts for a single price, multiple prices or news within the Fastmarkets dashboard. Notifications will be delivered in the dashboard when the application is open and running.


The dashboard provides two different types of charting tools, learn how to visualize the prices you need using our chart widgets.

The first is the price chart widget enabling you to identify trends, compare prices over time or gain a view of where to forecast prices graphically for prices with a high/low/mid value or bid/ask/mid. View historical pricing as a line chart for up to eight prices for a chosen date range; compare price fields; view absolute prices, or compare prices with a percent change chart.

The second is the live chart widget which enables you to view historical and intra-day data for a single exchange or over-the-counter (OTC) price (such as spot precious metals or foreign exchange (FX) rates) plotting open/high/low/close prices. Select either a line, bar, candle or mountain chart for one price, displaying the data in intervals from 5 minutes up to 1 month with volume data (where available) in the sub-chart at the bottom.

Sharing content with Dashboard users

Learn how to share workspaces, prices, market pages and news articles with colleagues or other dashboard users to save time with workspace creation and to quickly highlight key information.

Exchange market data

Discover pricing from the London Metal Exchange (LME), CME Group (CME) and Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) in pre-configured widgets and add content to existing workspaces.

Short-term forecasts

Fastmarkets have been providing research analytics for over 30 years and our forecasts are built on a robust methodology which will enable you to plan purchasing or manage inventories; guiding your next decision or negotiation whether you are buying, trading or hedging.

Learn how to access short-term forecast content using pre-configured market pages, forecast prices in a price chart widget, forecast commentary and research analysis articles and short term forecast publications in PDF/Excel format in the Dashboard reports library.

Reports library for long-term forecasts

Fastmarkets’ battery raw materials long-term forecast content is published quarterly and provides prices, forecasts and 10-year outlooks for key battery materials that you can rely on to reflect supply and demand conditions now and for the future. Learn how to access our long-term forecasts in the Dashboard reports library.

Currency and unit of measure conversion

The dashboard enables you to convert the base currency and/or unit of measure for prices so you can compare them on an apples-to-apples basis. Learn how to use currency and unit conversion in the single price tile, multi price table, historic data table and price chart widgets.


Customized newsletters are published in PDF and HTML email formats on a daily and weekly basis based on the dashboard market page newsletter options you select providing a digest via email / PDF of prices and/or news depending on your subscription. Learn how to select, view and subscribe to email alerts for our curated newsletters.

Historical data

Assessing historical prices is critical for understanding market trends, assessing volatility and creating forecasts. Learn how to view historical series for multiple prices in the Fastmarkets dashboard either directly from the price chart widget (view up to eight prices) or in the historic price table widget (view up to 20 prices).

If you’d like to view any of the video how-to guides for the dashboard features, click here

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