Carbon emissions benchmarking

Fastmarkets' energy consumption tool analyzes energy use for the forest products value chain

Helping the forest products industry reduce its carbon footprint and manage energy costs
Today, there is a growing need for corporations to adapt to greener business practices, which makes benchmarking carbon emissions for producers at the mill, machine and grade level more valuable than ever. Fastmarkets’ energy consumption tool (as part of the analytical cornerstone) gives detailed emissions estimates by mill on every machine and for every product produced.

This information is essential for those throughout the pulp, paper and packaging supply chain who are looking to respond to energy cost volatility and are under renewed pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.

Use carbon emissions benchmarking to prepare
for the future energy sector landscape

Why use Fastmarkets’ energy consumption tool?
Minimize the risk associated with volatile energy costs for your business
Find business partners who can reduce your carbon footprint and create an energy mitigation plan to enable you to use energy more efficiently
Prepare for energy conservation policies and ESG regulation changes
Customize consumption information, emission estimates and charts with different granularity (from product/machine level to grade/region level) to suit your needs and export data to Excel for external analysis
Manage datasets to effectively communicate and visualize (filter, group and sort)

Our senior vice president of analytics, Jon Rager, explains how the tool can help you understand and benchmark carbon emissions for your business:
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