Base Metals Short-Term Forecasts

Navigate the complex base metals market with the latest short-term forecasts in one place

If you’re looking for clarity and confidence when understanding what’s ahead in the base metals markets, you need our short-term forecasts. With our unique combination of forecasts for both LME prices and Fastmarkets’ metal premiums, we are bringing you a new way to stay ahead of the base metals market trends. Our platform combines in-depth market analysis and independent weekly research, providing you with all the information you need in one place. The comprehensive resource empowers you to confidently lead price negotiations and make well-informed decisions quickly. 

With Fastmarkets Base Metals Short-Term Forecasts, your service will consist of:

  • Price forecasts alongside price history in customizable workspaces where you can quickly navigate to relevant market commentary and in-depth analysis
  • Base Metals Short-Term Forecast Tracker: a PDF report containing all the information traditionally associated with our tracker service including supporting Excel spreadsheet with relevant market data
  • Aluminium Short-Term Forecast Tracker supporting Excel spreadsheet and in-depth coverage of this market

Aligned to Fastmarkets benchmarks and rigorous forecasting methodology, our independent short-term forecasts provide the necessary tools to predict future trends in aluminium, nickel (including battery-grade materials), copper, zine, lead and tin.

What our short-term forecasts include

Get monthly and quarterly forecasts for base metals prices spanning more than 2 years to boost your strategic planning.

  • Regional market dynamics: Stay informed about the dynamics of different regions and the sentiment for base metals products.
  • Data-driven predictions: Our forecasts, powered by rigorous data modeling and analytical precision, help you anticipate market shifts and future price trends.
  • Exchange price analysis: Tracking stocks and warrants to inform exchange price forecasts. 
  • Supply and demand analysis: Gain insights into supply and demand dynamics in the market, trade flows, stocks and logistics. 
  • Weekly research reports: As part of our package, enjoy receiving weekly research reports that provide in-depth analysis of market trends, offering an added layer of insight. 

Are you interested in market-reflective prices, specialist forecasts and expert analysis for the base metals market?

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Competitive advantage

With our independent short-term forecasts, stay ahead of the market. Leverage the insights to secure a competitive edge in the fast-paced base metals market. 

Negotiate with confidence

Empower your price discussions with our unbiased and market-reflective forecasts. Make informed decisions, negotiate better deals and maximize your profit margins. 

Risk mitigation strategies

Identify potential market shifts before they happen. Our forecasts help mitigate risks by providing early signals of market changes, enabling you to adjust your strategies in advance. 

Save time on research

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Save time on research with our comprehensive market analysis and concentrate more on your core business activities. 

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