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Flawless fusion

Stream our data and news into your own ERP or proprietary systems, giving you and your teams one less thing to do during the day

Instantly access prices for quotes or trades within your own company’s system and receive them seconds after our price reporters publish them. Let us take care of the work, allowing our market-reflective and essential intelligence to flow seamlessly into your workflow so you never have to lift a finger.


Eliminate the chance of transposing information from our reports into your own and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re seeing the right price when making decisions. 


Streamline your data analysis processes, accelerate your searches and improve the integration of our price data into your workflows.

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Using our API can provide you with the latest or average prices, along with our full archive of historical prices based on your data license agreement. 


We custom create a license for every client giving you access to exactly the data and intelligence you need, receiving it via the best solution for you and your business.

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