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All About Copper

Where would we be without copper? Probably still in the Stone Age – we would not have had the Bronze Age yet. Copper was the first mineral man extracted from the earth to make utensils, weapons and tools and it has become invaluable since those early days.

Copper is used extensively in everyday products, brings electricity into the home from the power station and takes electricity to all the mains-fed electronics and appliances we use in the house, office and vehicles.

With annual consumption at around 20 million tonnes, it is most-used base metal after aluminium. Copper faces competition from aluminium and fibre optics in wire and cable applications and from aluminium in heat exchangers.

Around 18 percent of annual copper supply comes from recycled material, which is referred to as secondary copper. Read more about copper.

Copper Outlook WebCast

FastMarkets correspondents report from the floor of the LME every day to provide our subscribers with the latest news and events affecting the copper industry and the other base metals. Here is an example webcast one of the webcasts available with FastMarkets Professsional giving a report on daily events.

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