The fundamentals of corn production and demand

Although overall corn production from sources like US, Brazil, Argentina and Ukraine has remained stable, the corn market has become increasingly volatile as disruptions from geopolitical conflicts, severe weather and transport issues impact the day-to-day price and the overall market.

To stay on top of it all and offset the financial risks that come with such high volatility, market players must keep up to date with the changing prices and drivers. Fastmarkets’ global and local insights-driven news and prices help you manage risk and make the right business decisions when trading in this constantly evolving market.

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Brazil’s food agency, Conab, has reduced its soybean and corn output forecasts due to adverse weather conditions impacting crop development,

The boost to the outlook is due to higher than expected yields and larger planted areas, compared to the drought-affected 2022/23 year

Published in a recent Gaftaworld issue, Tim Worledge, editorial director at Fastmarkets Agriculture shares his view on oilseeds and veg oils 2024 demand outlooks

In the face of muted wheat markets at the close of 2023, several nations, including Jordan, Pakistan, and Egypt, passed on international tenders

Brazil’s customs data revealed that soybean exports for the first two weeks of January 2024 has already surpassed the figure for all of January 2023

Canadian Grain Commission data suggested that the country’s grain and oilseed exports fell at the end of 2023

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