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Agriculture news shows that the market is transforming before our eyes. At one level there is structural change as the global market increasingly decentralizes into a complex market of markets. At another level there is just the constant change driven from severe weather, geopolitical tensions, nation’s domestic priorities, surging biofuel demand and growing food insecurity concerns.

The sheer weight of both creates a volatile, noisy market. A market where it is both challenging to stay apace with market news and even harder to determine what the news really means – separating out signal from noise.

Fastmarkets Agriculture provides agriculture news from across the globe from experts immersed in the markets so we can give you visibility and meaning. Our news and market intelligence goes beyond the headlines.

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Sustainable aviation fuels are seen by many as the answer to reducing carbon emissions. But how can the industry reach the high adoption targets set by policy makers, when supply is still lagging behind demand. In this analyisis, we look at production trends, supply sources and pricing patterns

This marks the fifth consecutive month of declining inventories, even as exports soared by 28.6% to 1.32 million tonnes in March

Vietnam is poised for a significant uplift in corn imports for the 2024-25 marketing year, driven by the resurging demand within its aquaculture and livestock sectors

The recent shift is supported by the country’s increased biodiesel blending mandate and there are moves to raise it further in the coming years

Argentina’s corn and sunflower crop forecasts have been downgraded due to recent weather challenges, according to the latest BAGE report

Grains and soybean Prices have been dropping amid ample offers despite lower-than-expected output in 2023-2024

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