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Steel news, prices and events

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The global steel and scrap industry is recovering from the wide-reaching economic impact of Covid-19 – but the story is far from over. This insights hub helps bring the global steel market into focus by giving you access to reports, events, and news shaping the steel industry and affecting historical, current and future steel prices.

The true price of green steel

Featured report

How decarbonization will squeeze steel margins and create intense competition for raw materials and scrap.

Steel market news

  • Green steel – will US buyers ultimately pay the price?

    The pressure to reduce CO2 emissions is mounting for carbon-intensive industries, while scientists warn that we may be running out of time. 

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: Green steel hotspots to watch in Europe throughout 2022

    Fastmarkets has plotted the locations of the continuing and proposed projects for the decarbonization of the European steel sector.

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  • How China’s unwritten rules are squeezing global automakers

    Chinese government policies are not always written down or announced, and some are announced very late. These unwritten rules are having a major impact on costs along the steel supply chain, with automakers, in particular, feeling the squeeze. 

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  • US mills to profit from greener steel, Department of Energy group says

    Steelmakers in the United States are poised to benefit as countries race to meet pledges to reach net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to the director of the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).

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  • REPORT: The American Jobs Plan and metal demand

    United States President Joe Biden’s strategic jobs plan will potentially have profound effects on commodity markets and supply chains.

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  • Opportunity for a scrap pricing supercycle

    Could the growing demand for steel products open the doors to a scrap pricing supercycle in the next decade? The recent surge in North American ferrous scrap prices amid strong global steel markets and supply shortages...

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  • SSS and green steel: the US perspective

    Green shoots are forming in the approach to clean steelmaking in the United States, with a new administration putting an increased emphasis on sustainability. The topic will be a key part of Fastmarkets' Steel Success Strategies conference, on June 21-24 2021. 

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  • China stopping inspections on 5 grades of ferrous scrap

    Five grades of steel scrap will no longer need to undergo customs inspections at ports in China when they are imported into the country, beginning on June 10.

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More steel market news

  • REPORT: What happens to steel prices and demand in times of a global crisis? 

    Get your copy of this special report comparing steel prices during the financial crisis of 2008 and the Covid-19 crisis.

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  • REPORT: Busheling - Green future?

    The CME Group and Fastmarkets have teamed up to discuss the growing pressure on steelmakers to go green. 

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  • Producers bring first certified green steel to the market

    Find out more about ArcelorMittal's and Ovako's green steel strategies.

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  • REPORT: Understanding the high-grade iron ore market

    Find out which market dynamics and pricing mechanisms are changing the high-grade iron ore segment in our exclusive whitepaper.

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  • China's stricter steel capacity swap ratios to cool overheated raw materials markets

    China’s new and stricter steel capacity swap ratios will cool the overheated steelmaking raw materials market and pave...

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  • REPORT: Echoes of 2008: Steel prices now and then 

    What happens to steel prices and demand in times of a global crisis? Our steel industry experts compare last year's global pandemic to what happened during the 2008 financial crisis.

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  • Get more steel news and analysis

    Don't miss our in-depth coverage of the steel markets in Asia, North America and Europe.

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Decarbonization series

The green transition is changing global steel and raw material markets. Follow our decarbonization series for an unbiased view of developments in the green steel space

  • Green paths may be lined with US pipe, tube

    Going “green” has suddenly become “cool” in boardrooms, where steel industry executives make million-dollar decisions every day - including in the domestic pipe and tube industry. 

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  • Paying the ‘green steel’ premium in US auto industry

    Steel producers and automakers in the United States are increasingly focused on tackling climate change challenges and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but it is not clear yet if automakers will shell out a premium for low-carbon steel.

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  • US construction market green enough, for now

    The domestic construction industry in the United States already uses what many consider to be the greenest steel in the world, giving steel producers little incentive to invest more in green steel technologies.

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  • Looking for answers on carbon reduction

    The steel and metals industries are entering an age of ‘green’ transformation. We uncover what today’s environmental goals mean for industrial production and future demand.

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  • Steel, partners strive for net-zero energy target

    The path to carbon neutrality complicates decisions for steelmakers having to balance margin stability alongside the deployment of new greener technologies.

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  • Solar to power CMC’s new Arizona mill

    Is the switching to scrap-based electric-arc furnace (EAF) steel production enough to get the industry to net zero emissions? The answer is probably not. 

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