Brazilian monthly soybean and corn shipments up

Corn exports reach 1.3 million tonnes in March

Brazil’s soybean exports have reached 9.9 million tonnes since the beginning of March, a 2.6 million tonnes increase from the previous week, official customs data showed Monday, March 27.

Brazil’s grains exporters association, Anec, projects March soybean exports at a record 15.3 million tonnes, above the 12.2 million tonnes seen a year ago.

The average pace of soybean shipments was 554,816 tonnes per working day, up 0.1% from the 554,131 tonnes reported in the same month last year but lower than last week’s 563,602 tonnes average.

Corn exports

Brazil’s corn exports amounted to 1.3 million tonnes since March 1, up 260,681 tonnes from last week´s 879,308 tonnes; in March 2022, only 14,278 tonnes were sent abroad.

The figure is bigger than the 898,632 tonnes projected by Anec for this month’s exports.

The average pace of shipments was reported at 63,332 tonnes, well above March 2022’s 649 tonnes but lower than last week’s 67,639 tonnes average.

Soy meal & oil exports

Brazil’s soy meal exports reached 1.3 million tonnes in the first four weeks of March, up 317,218 tonnes from the week before but still behind the total figure of 1.5 million tonnes recorded for March 2022.

Average shipments per working day totaled 77,216 tonnes, 12.3% higher than the 68,788 tonnes average from March 2022 but lower than last week’s 82,513 tonnes average pace.

Anec projects Brazillian soy meal exports at 1.7 million tonnes in March 2023.

The country’s soy oil exports reached 188,712 tonnes in the fourth week of March, a 23,819 tonnes advance from the previous week.

The figure is behind March 2022, when vegetable oils and fats, a group mostly composed of soy oil, exports totaled 198,202 tonnes.

Average exports per working day were reported at 10,484 tonnes in the past week, 16.4% above the 9,009 from March 2022, but dropped from last week´s 12,684 tonnes.

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