Ukrainian weekly sunflower seeds exports fall to year low of 4,586 tonnes

Recent ban on Ukrainian imports by a few European states curbs sales

Weekly sunflower seed exports from Ukraine declined, while exports of soybeans, sunflower oil, and sunflower meal increased in the week to April 26, official data showed Thursday, April 27.

Moves by a number of EU countries to curb the import of oilseeds of Ukrainian origin put pressure on the volume of export flows from Ukraine.

Sunflower seeds exports

Sunflower seed exports in the reporting period fell by more than 21% compared to the previous week and to a year low of 4,586 tonnes.

The main export destinations for Ukrainian sunflower seeds in April were Romania, with a share of 17,770 tonnes and Bulgaria, with a share of 7,866 tonnes.

The total volume of Ukrainian sunflower seed exports since the beginning of the 2022-23 season has reached 1.8 million tonnes.

Sunflower oil and meal exports

Exports of sunflower oil in the week to April 26 amounted to 79,603 tonnes, which is 78% higher than a week earlier.

The total volume of exports of sunflower oil from Ukraine from September 2022 to the reporting date amounted to 3.46 million tonnes.

The main export destinations for Ukrainian sunflower oil in April were Turkey (101,997 tonnes), China (79,838 tonnes) and Romania (75,278 tonnes).

Weekly exports of sunflower meal increased by 39% compared to the previous week to 78,503 tonnes, bringing the total since the beginning of the season to 2.73 million tonnes.

China, with a share of 91,384 tonnes, and Morocco, with a share of 43,439 tonnes, were the main buyers of Ukrainian sunflower meal in April.

Finally, soybean exports in the reporting period amounted to 30,774 tonnes, which is more than 17.5% higher than last week.

Since the beginning of the 2022-23 season, soybean exports from Ukraine have increased to 2.47 million tonnes.

The bulk of Ukrainian soybean exports in April was supplied to Egypt (31,214 tonnes), Turkey (31,2014 tonnes) and the Netherlands (26,617 tonnes).

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