Lithium and cobalt futures

Enable risk management using futures contracts

With the volatility of the battery materials market, Fastmarkets lithium and cobalt futures contracts enable you access to risk management solutions as you make strategic business decisions. We work with global exchanges to help market participants to secure rates and reduce exposure to price volatility and the challenges it brings to managing margins and costs.

What futures contracts are available?

If you are interested in using futures contracts to help secure rates and reduce exposure to price volatility, there are a number of contracts available with these exchanges:

How will a risk management plan help?

Take the first step in protecting your organization from uncertainty with Fastmarkets’ risk management solutions

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These actionable insights allow you to take a more strategic approach to risk management for your business.

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Traders have built up their presence in the lithium market in recent years; they see an opportunity in lower prices – after record highs set in 2022 – while the lithium industry aims to take advantage of an expected growth in demand spurred by the global energy transition

Automotive companies operate in a highly competitive and volatile industry susceptible to fluctuating input costs. These costs, including raw materials, can significantly impact automotive manufacturers’ profitability and cash flow. There are several tools that an automotive procurement manager or risk manager can use to determine the extent of the risk embedded in production costs. This […]

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Access critical short- and long-term forecasts in a new generation of energy markets

Gain a competitive edge in the emerging battery recycling market

Providing greater transparency into the cost of key Li-ion cell components

Our battery raw materials events give you a front-row seat to one of the most dynamic and critical markets in today’s economy

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