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In an industry where your word is your bond and trust is built through years of reliable dealings, we’re here to share the news that strengthens the foundation of that trust. Fastmarkets’ acquisition of the Hardwood Market Report (HMR) brings together over a century of expertise in lumber market analysis and pricing expertise, all under one roof.

For over 100 years, HMR has been delivering reliable price data and news on the North American hardwood lumber industry.  And now, as part of Fastmarkets, HMR will have access to our world-class price reporting infrastructure, global team of expert analysis and comprehensive tools to strengthen your roots in the lumber industry while positioning you for continued competitiveness. 

By integrating leading providers of forest products intelligence such as RISI and Random Lengths (RL)and now HMR, under the Fastmarkets umbrella, we’re dedicated to bringing you new tools, data, and insights that keep you at the forefront of the forest products industry. 

Fastmarkets is now a one-stop shop for softwood and hardwood data and news.

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The wood products market can be complex and volatile. Our comprehensive price data offers invaluable insights, enabling you to monitor price trends across a wide array of wood product categories.

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Historical price data

At the forefront of our enhancements is our commitment to fulfilling requests for historical price data, which serves as the backbone for accurate market analysis, forecasting, and strategic planning, enabling you to navigate the complexities of the market with confidence.

New Pallet Index

Our new monthly index details rate changes for three essential hardwood pallet items, offering you foresight into market trends. This tool is designed to enhance your pricing strategies, ensuring that your business remains competitive and proactive.

Hardwood and softwood price comparisons

With our in-depth price comparison capabilities, you can compare Random Lengths non-structural panel composite prices across different hardwood species and regions. This level of insight supports smarter purchasing and selling decisions, customized to the unique demands of your market segment.

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