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Pulp markets today have seen unprecedented levels of volatility. Wherever you are in the pulp industry value chain, it’s more critical than ever to keep on top of pulp prices and forecasts that matter to you using information from the most trusted sources in the industry.

Fastmarkets (owner of RISI and FOEX) is the leading provider of industry-trusted pulp prices and analytics. We publish weekly price indices on all major pulp grades and deliver price reports on an unmatched list of over 80 sub-grades for the North American, European, Asian and Latin American markets.

Negotiate with confidence when you use Fastmarkets’ pulp prices in your contracts knowing that you are trading with a benchmark price that is widely used by other pulp market participants. Whether you are looking for hardwood pulp (BHK, BEK, birch, MBHK), softwood pulp (NBSK, SBSK, radiata, UKP), fluff pulp, non-wood pulp (bamboo, bagasse, reed), or many other pulp prices, you can be reassured by our rich history and expertise in price reporting. Our global pulp price assessment methodology is comprehensive and transparent, bringing you consistent, impartial and market-reflective prices you can trust.
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NBSK pulp import prices to China picks up
BHK pulp import prices to China steady
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Fastmarkets’ mission is to meet the market’s data requirements honestly and independently, acting with integrity and care to ensure that the trust and confidence placed in the reliability of our pricing methodologies is maintained.

Why use a price reporting agency?
We have seen several boom and bust cycles in the pulp market in the last few years. Pulp prices have been pushed to record highs due to supply and demand drivers operating in the market, followed by equally sharp downward corrections that cause prices to tumble.

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, it is imperative for all players in the pulp industry value chain to have consistent and trusted price information that they can confidently rely on. With regular and timely updates on the latest pulp prices and market developments, you can access insights to help you make better business decisions.

By using a price reporting agency (PRA), you can:
  • Ensure that you have prices you can use that reflect supply and demand conditions in the global pulp market
  • Provide a reference and benchmark for all transactions
  • Give confidence to contract counterparties that the prices used are impartial
  • Improve efficiency when renegotiating contracts
  • Deliver instant and accessible data through an automated platform
  • Access forecast and market analysis for prices, demand, capacity and more to understand market drivers
  • Receive breaking news coverage, contextualized within rich industry statistics and datasets
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Pulp markets have seen increased volatility in the past five years due to China’s RCP import ban, a liquid softwood pulp futures market and shifts in consumer behavior. This volatility is set to continue.
Patrick Cavanagh, senior economist, Fastmarkets
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