Brazil soybean exports hit 4.6 million tonnes in first two weeks of June

According to customs data, shipments are on the rise

Brazil’s soybean exports amounted to 4.6 million tonnes during the first two weeks of June, with the export increasing as the month progressed, while corn and wheat shipments slowed, customs data showed late Monday.

The average pace of soybean shipments was 768,340 tonnes per working day last week, up from the previous week’s average pace of 709,447 tonnes and 61.5% higher than the 475,705 tonnes average pace reported in June 2022.

The country’s grains exporters association (Anec) projects that Brazil will send 13.1 million tonnes of soybeans abroad this month, while last year’s exports totaled 9.9 million tonnes.

Corn exports

Brazilian corn exports amounted to 231,153 tonnes during the first two weeks of June this year, while the country shipped 989,299 tonnes during the entire month of June 2022.

The average daily pace of corn shipments was reported at 38,525 tonnes, lower than the previous week’s average pace of 17,494 tonnes and 18.2% lower than June 2022’s 47,109 tonnes.

Anec expects 1.65 million tonnes of corn to be exported during the month.

Soy meal and oil

Brazil’s soy meal exports reached 565,686 tonnes during the first two weeks of this month, while 2.2 million tonnes were sent abroad in June 2022.

Average shipments per working day totaled 94,281 tonnes, lower than the last week’s average pace of 125,673 and 11.6% under the 106,767 tonnes average in June 2022.

It is projected that 2.2 million tonnes will be exported this month, according to Anec’s data.

The country’s exports of vegetable oils and fats, mostly soy oil, and fats exports, mostly composed of soy oil, exports reached 152,544 tonnes in the period, while 341,049 tonnes were traded in June 2022.

The average export rate per working day reached 25,424 tonnes, higher than the prior week’s 15,346 tonnes and 56.5% higher than June 2022’s 16,240 tonnes.

Wheat exports

No Brazilian wheat was exported this month, while 36,312 tonnes were recorded at the same point last year.

Anec projects that the total exports on June 2023 will reach 33,000 tonnes.

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