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Aluminium is a core material in the global metals market, from electronics to automobiles. The growing need to transition to a more sustainable future has placed aluminium near the top of the metals market food chain because of its strength, recyclability and lighter weight.

Aluminium prices fluctuate with volatile market conditions. However, the continued shift toward light weighting in electric vehicles and China’s reopening after three years of strict Covid-19 restrictions are helping to increase demand for this sought-after material.

Whether in packaging, construction or electrical equipment, aluminium is being used more and more because of its strength, resistance to corrosion, recyclability and ability to act as a conductor. We provide prices, news and analysis of aluminium so you can keep up to date with the market’s movements.

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Brazil’s aluminium industry is further enhancing its sustainability by boosting renewable energy use and recycling, while mitigating risk from high-carbon imports

Take a look at the five key talking points across the aluminium raw material markets ahead of Fastmarkets’ Bauxite & Alumina Conference

Andy Farida, Fastmarkets base metals research analyst, looks at the effect of the US elections on US aluminium prices

Metal exchanges will be prohibited from accepting these metals from Russia, said releases from the US and UK governments on Friday April 12

Stocks of base metals in Shanghai bonded warehouses showed mixed fortunes in March, Fastmarkets has learned

Recent developments in the aluminium industry have provided incremental steps toward the industry’s decarbonization, but green energy sources, inert anodes and end-of-life scrap recycling can offer disruptive advances to achieve this goal, according to Peter von Czarnowski, director of casting technology expansion at Golden Aluminum.

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