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Aluminium is a core material in the global metals market, from electronics to automobiles. The growing need to transition to a more sustainable future has placed aluminium near the top of the metals market food chain because of its strength, recyclability and lighter weight.

Aluminium prices fluctuate with volatile market conditions. However, the continued shift toward light weighting in electric vehicles and China’s reopening after three years of strict Covid-19 restrictions are helping to increase demand for this sought-after material.

Whether in packaging, construction or electrical equipment, aluminium is being used more and more because of its strength, resistance to corrosion, recyclability and ability to act as a conductor. We provide prices, news and analysis of aluminium so you can keep up to date with the market’s movements.

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Fastmarkets’ 2024 outlook for key raw materials and ingredients used in the production and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods

Weak demand continues to stem profitability and prevent capacity return in the European aluminium market, Norsk Hydro’s chief executives told Fastmarkets in an exclusive interview on Wednesday February 14.

Major aluminium producers Alcoa, Rio Tinto and Century Aluminum have been accused of pocketing vast sums of money from the sale of aluminium products to the beverage industry in the US at inflated prices – and of potentially colluding to do so

A US Congressman has alleged that aluminium producers including Alcoa, Century Aluminum and Rio Tinto have engaged in anti-competitive price collusion by not offering duty-free aluminium to buyers in the country’s beverage industry

Global primary aluminium premiums were mixed during the week to Tuesday February 7, mostly affected by weak spot demand and low activity in parts of Asia and in Brazil, while some markets remained supported amid growing tightness

Interest in low-carbon aluminium from the beverage and packaging industry is growing and aluminium packaging company Ball Corporation is working to meet that increasing demand, Dan Fisher, chairman and chief executive officer, said during the company’s earnings call on Thursday February 1

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