Ores and alloys

Ores and alloys are critical for producing the metal that builds our communities

Global metal markets are on the cusp of change now that sustainability is taking center stage.

The shift towards higher-grade ores and renewable alloys means using less of these precious commodities and recycling the rest. Our team of experts embedded in the ores and alloys market covers recent developments, prices trends, forecasting and analysis, and more. When you understand the data behind what is driving your market, you always know what to expect.

What’s happening in the ores and alloys markets?

Latest ores and alloys news and market analysis

High stainless steel production in China in 2023 generated lofty imports of raw materials, including chrome ore, ferro-chrome, nickel pig iron (NPI) and ferro-nickel

Learn more about how Chinese ferro-alloy smelters are planning to strengthen green production efforts in 2024

China’s latest consumption-focused stimulus attempts to drive downstream demand for steel products, but reception in the steelmaking industry has been lukewarm, sources in China told Fastmarkets

Delegates from the across the ferro-alloys industry, including from China, South Africa and Turkey, among others, took part in the Ferroalloynet 2023 International Ferroalloy Summit on June 14-16 in Beijing. Fastmarkets outlines the five key takeaways

China’s automotive output and sales posted year-on-year growth in May amid measures to promote consumption during the May Day holiday and due to a low base a year earlier, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) said

Despite the metal being classed as “strategic” in the European Union’s proposed Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA), questions remain about the future of magnesium supply in Europe, market participants have told Fastmarkets

Ores and alloys prices

Ores and alloy prices are the cornerstones for price movement across the metals and mining sector. We provide more than 50 ores and alloy prices, including industry benchmarks from across the globe. Our price coverage can help your organization to evaluate risk, optimize your purchasing strategy, negotiate in both physical and financial contracts and make the right decision every time.

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    • Iron ore spot 67.5% Fe magnetite-hematite pellet feed price differential, cfr Qingdao, $/tonne
    • Ferro-chrome 50% Cr import, cif Indonesia, $/lb
    • Nickel pig iron, 10-14% ni content, fob Indonesia, $/nickel unit

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