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Find price data, news and market analysis for your commodity market

Commodity markets are complex, risky and fast-moving

When you need to make high-stakes decisions, you can rely on the expertise of our trained reporters and analysts to back you up with reliable forecasts, in-depth news and market analysis and prices that are transparent and truly reflect the markets we serve.

A trusted reflection of commodity markets, even at their most volatile

You’ll get access to current, historical and average price data across forest products, agriculture, metals and minerals and the markets innovating towards sources of renewable energy.
When the commodity markets move, we move.

Never miss a beat with news and analysis delivered to you in real-time from over 200 reporters and analysts embedded in their markets all over the world.
Reduce uncertainty and anticipate change.

Map out your next steps with in-depth analysis and short to long-term outlooks on the influences affecting supply and demand across commodities globally.
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Your partner in creating value and managing risk
Grow and protect your profits
The numbers behind the news
Your front-row seat to insights-rich experiences
Gain a competitive edge in the emerging battery recycling market
Providing greater transparency into the cost of key Li-ion cell components
Fastmarkets combines the commodity intelligence of these familiar names:
Metal Bulletin • American Metal Market • Scrap Price Bulletin • Industrial Minerals • RISI • FOEX • The Jacobsen • Agricensus • Random Lengths • FastMarkets and more
Keep up with the Fastmarkets platform

Technology is transforming commodity markets. Every innovation brings richer, more complex data and the potential to harness new insights. Our customers tell us they are working faster and harder than ever to make sense of and respond to the markets. We built the Fastmarkets platform for this reality – it delivers the real-time insights you need, where and when you need them.
We recognize the importance of being clear about our price assessment and index process. Our independently audited pricing process aligns with core IOSCO principles and we have successfully completed assurance reviews for our financial benchmarks in metals and mining, forest products and agriculture.
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