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Corporate marketing services

Gain visibility, raise awareness and generate leads for your business with Fastmarkets corporate marketing services.

Magazine: Gain Visibility & Raise Awareness

Metal Market Magazine:

Increase brand awareness and deliver your message to over 9,000 senior level executives and decision-makers across the global metals supply chain to assist in meeting your sales and marketing goals. Metal Market magazine is also available in a digital eBook format on Fastmarkets MB and Fastmarkets AMM.

Industrial Minerals Magazine: 

Offers independent and reliable price assessments, market news, and in-depth analysis of current and thematic subject matter across the breadth of the non-metallic minerals industry. Industrial Minerals magazine reaches senior level executives and decision-makers across the globe providing readers with news, commentary, analysis and pricing.

Website: Branding, Visibility, Awareness

Tap into three powerful pricing and news platforms to deliver your message, increase visibility and awareness for your brand on a daily basis. Run your online ad program on one or more of our pricing and news platforms., and

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Fastmarkets Daily PDF:

Published each day, the Daily PDF’s brings you all Fastmarkets AMM and Fastmarkets MB prices and latest news over the last 24 hours. 

Whether your goals include increasing visibility and awareness for your brand or you need to promote a time sensitive announcement, the Daily PDF is an ideal product to deliver your message.
 - Fastmarkets AMM Daily PDF 
 - Fastmarkets MB Daily PDF 

Fastmarkets daily PDFs - advertising options

eNewsletters: Reach the right people at the right time

Fastmarkets MB, Fastmarkets AMM and Fastmarkets IM publishes specific newsletters Monday through Friday. These newsletters provide one exclusive banner ad to push out your message to highly targeted groups. 
Choose from the following emails: 

 - Fastmarkets MB: Daily Steel 
 - Fastmarkets MB: Daily Metal (Non ferrous) 
 - Fastmarkets MB: Steel Raw Materials Daily 
 - Fastmarkets MB: China Daily
 - Fastmarkets AMM: Daily (advertising not available)
Fastmarkets IM: Daily 
 - Fastmarkets IM: Weekly 
 - Fastmarkets IM: Monthly

Sponsored Content: Engage, Educate & generate leads

Fastmarkets sponsored content program provides an opportunity to connect and engage with buyers, educate the market, generate leads and acquire customers while generating awareness of your products or services. The sponsored content platform will be marketed to thousands of relevant professionals via various media channels and mediums. Perfect placement for whitepapers; case studies; podcasts; Videos; webinars; technical papers; infographics. Hosting & lead generation opportunities are available across all sites: Fastmarkets MBFastmarkets AMM and Fastmarkets IM.