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Pricing data

Truly market reflective

Those buying, selling and trading commodities require absolute clarity in the prices they use. Our pricing data is backed by transparent methodologies, with verified and auditable processes, that bring true value to our clients. 

Why choose our pricing data?



We are committed to delivering prices that are comprehensive, transparent and market reflective, aligned with core IOSCO principles.  This ensures that our price assessments are standardized and impartial, with accountability measures built in and confirmed by independent, external auditors. This means that you, your business and the rest of the global supply chain can have complete confidence in our prices.

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Metals and mining commodities

Forest products commodities

Our price assessment process

Our core methodology and expertise that has defined us for more than 130 years will be continued into the new era as Fastmarkets. The names, descriptions and symbols for our prices will stay the same, so you won't need to make any changes to contracts, agreements, reports or workflows and you can continue to use our prices without any interruptions.

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